by Mastiff

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A story about The Real Underground.


released October 14, 2014

Recorded at Nu-Tone Studios
Mixed and Mastered: Scott Goodrich
E.P. Art: Matt Muoa
Guest Vox: CaamGZ (Cameron from These Streets)




all rights reserved



A Dogs Life.

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Track Name: +Edicius+
I see the pain of every soul, every soul unrest.
They are screaming when they die, these demons confess.
I am the man in the corner sending vultures of death.
Stalking every move I make.
So GIVE ME a chance, I DON't FELL OKAY
I am here, I need HELP today!
Why am I alone!
Never felt so COLD!

Unstable with the thoughts, With the thoughts of suicide.
Heart full of anger that's been ripped and cast aside.
Starring down a barrel where I don't see any light
All I see are the shadows of the face, wanting me to die!

All I want is peace in mind,
but the mind won't sleep, if it sleeps i'll probably fucking die!
Take me to a place where time didn't hurt you.
Held you, comfort deserved you.
I could breath, but no air is coming out.
I can sleep, but for what no one gives a FUCK!
All I want is life!
This life to... ACCEPT ME!
Track Name: St.Jude
Let me tell you bout' the world and it's offerings.
It's cruel and it's wicked, nothing's free!
Time never turns back in society
Don't ruin yourself, chasing nothing

Powers to let it be, enslavement to youth in all surroundings.
FIRE BURNS DOWN, no life not learning.
We break bread with the poison at night.
Slaughtering the youth guiding them to be confused.
You're just a fucked up kid with nothing to lose.

So this is what you want ya' life to be, then this is what you have ta' do.

Fear. For what for nothing, nothing is right who's ready to DIE TONIGHT!
Track Name: Mental Oppression
My nerves are stricken, my hands are numbs
Chest feels so heavy why can't I breathe no more.
Why do I feel like dying when there's nothing wrong with me.
Can't control this fucking sickness taking it's toll on me.
Cuz I got this one life, only one life to live.
can't remain calm how do I cope with this
Being stuck on a palm of a death hand,
crucify crucify set me free

let it go, I need to feel this Life.

Fix the sickness, cure the disease
Hold me tight Lord, I need you please
Fix the sickness, cure the disease
Hold me tight Lord, I need you please

Can't control what's in front of me,
I'll do my best to finally fuckin' breathe
Track Name: Timeless
It's like a broken clock
People stuck in the past
Not moving forward any second
Never thinking to crash
The walls that I built up
To keep the demon inside
Have been eroding every minute
Still I move & I try
To move forward & think forward
When mother fuckers are stuck & going nowhere

(Timeless I'm left to be)
The only thing at steak is me
(Timeless catch up to me)
Pain inside brings simplicity

I need someone to help me 'cause I am ruined
(No one can understand this pain)
Disgusted feelings that I adore
(Nothing can help me anymore)

I know it's not right
Open your eyes for a change of life
We can't help you look in the mirror, one more, one more time
'Cause to take away another day
You better grow, grow the fuck up

Gave up on me where did you go
I know it's not right
But I don't know what's wrong
Track Name: Stories of The Real Underground (TRU pt.2 Ft. Caamgz From These Streets)
Nothings the same!
To point ya' Nine around you are the on to Blame.
A cold heart with A hate for your world.
It's wrap for a fact in the city of Trap!
So real, Surreal.
No love for ya'self and that's how it feels.
To walk alone proving what and to who realize mother fucker whatcha
Goin' through!

(Pulling the trigger sacrifice eternally
Profit & blood, losing the war inside your head)

Nothings the same
Strike fear in her eyes, does it bring up the shame?
A single mother working hard for the kids
To get jacked, gun backed by a junkie in black
Your veins are swollen!
Blood rushes to the head from the needle you put in
Understand what you think of a man
You got the wrong plan homie
You should breathe while you can

It's just another story about a kid with no guts & no glory
Left in a bitter shell of himself
He lived hard but inside he slowly to die
'Cause in the hood state of mind
Where this type of shit happens all the time
No matter what the place
No matter what the weather
The one in front of the gun lives FOREVER!